• 3,100 square feet, air conditioned!
  • Turf, medicine balls, weights... everything you need to become better, stronger, faster.
  • Rock climbing treadmill and punching bag in our upper body circuit room!

Pictures coming soon.  We recently moved in March, so while we are fully functioning with workouts, our website is a bit behind!

Coach Laura has played a key role in the development of my daughter, Olivia, both physically and mentally. The focus that Laura has on technique, form and core strength has helped my 3-sport athlete feel strong, confident and prepared for any athletic situation she encounters. When Olivia started to develop overuse issues, we turned to Laura's deep expertise to pinpoint the issue and give us the guidance and exercises to keep Olivia on track.  ~Adamson Family

We love Coach Laura! She is so knowledgeable and great at training! My daughter has worked with her a long time & loves her!

~Guntert Family


Coach Laura started Top-Notch Training to give kids a place to workout, improve their fitness, and become better athletes.  The main goal is to provide the best methods of training to help athletes improve their game by increasing speed, power, agility, strength, stamina, coordination, and flexibility.  No sport specific skills are taught (ie- no baseball hitting, volleyball serves, soccer ball handling, etc.).  The goal is to create a better athletic base so they can perform their sport specific skills with a higher understanding and execution.

Coach Laura wants to build better athletes, but also have a complete well-rounded program.  Laura wants to teach kids to be confident, enhance social skills, help focus on school, create leaders, and push them to achieve their goals.

Become a better athlete

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10901 Roosevelt Blvd N,  Suite 100-D, St. Petersburg, FL   33716

Top-Notch Training

Coach Laura trains my 12 year old, 13 year old, and 15 year old. She was quick in identifying their strengths and weaknesses so that their training time is maximized. She is a great trainer and motivator. Highly recommend her.

~Henderson Family

10901 Roosevelt Blvd N, Suite 100-D, St Petersburg, FL 33716

Top-Notch Training especially welcomes female athletes!  Coach Laura's goal is to bring awareness to the importance of performance training for girls.  Appropriate developmental progression is even more important for girls as they can have weaker movement skills and strength across childhood, compared to boys, and this can put them at a greater risk for injury.  With the proper training, there can be less ramifications.

"Kaizen" is one of our core values.  This is the philosophy of steady progress and improvement over time, by taking small, manageable steps to reach the end result.  Basically, we do not take short cuts to build a strong athletic foundation.


My kids (ages 5 & 6) love working with Coach Laura. Her exercises are age appropriate and challenging. In addition to coordination and agility training, she is working on core strength with my daughter and running form with my son. My  daughter is seeing significant benefit in her gymnastics skills and my son is much more efficient and comfortable in track and cross country running.         ~Szabla Family