Age range for class is a general guide.  Every kid will be tested before starting their program and placed in the best class to improve their skills.

  • Focus on gaining body control and improve body weight strength

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Learn the foundation movements (squat, lunge, plank, skip, etc)

  • Have fun!


  • Class size is limited to 6

  • Must pass movement test before starting Level 3

  • Very focused on technique

  • Intense weight training

  • Improve strength and power production


  • Perfect speed and agility skills


  • Class size is limited to 8


  • Focus on strengthening foundation movements

  • Basic weight training using bands, dumbbells, and medicine balls

  • Build strength and power

  • Sharpen speed and agility technique


  • Class size is limited to 8


sports performance classes


Level 3

Level 2

  • Focus on improving body control and building total body strength

  • Improve coordination

  • Build a strong foundation to create long-term athletic success

  • Basic speed and agility technique


  • Class size is limited to 8 

Level 1

Age 4 - 7

​30 minute class

(727) 577-5808

10901 Roosevelt Blvd N,  Suite 100-D, St. Petersburg, FL   33716

Age 8 - 12

​60 minute class

High school athletes serious about competing at the next level

90 minute class

helping you preform at your best

Ignite the fight is our motivational slogan for our athletes!  TNT encourages each kid to work hard to achieve their goals!  Our sessions are designed to build a strong athletic foundation for long-term success.  There's more to being a good athlete than just lifting heavy weights.  While that's one important component, you also have to learn how to move better, think quicker, react faster, and stay injury free.  Top-Notch Training promises to help you become a better athlete!

Top-Notch Training

Age 13+

​75 minute class

Become a better athlete

Energy System Development
A variety of sport specific conditioning drills are taught to improve the sport specific demands for each athlete.

Proper nutrition is taught for healthy recovery. Monthly nutrition classes are available to attend.

Improve flexibility through a dynamic warm up and corrective drills.

Pre-hab (Injury Prevention)
Minimize injury occurrence with corrective exercise drills and using proper form and technique.

Improve total body strength using TRX, ViPR, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and resistance bands.

Increase vertical and horizontal power with explosive movements using medicine balls, plyometrics, and resistance bands. 

Improve running mechanics with acceleration and top-end speed drills that make you more efficient.

Lateral power, deceleration, and change of direction mechanics are taught to increase speed in all planes of motion.